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Center For Educational Equity (CEE)
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CEE Academic & Elite-Fitness/Athletic Programs

 As a leading provider of elite junior athletic training and academic improvement services, we take great pride in offering the best services to our community!


Since 2000, the Center for Educational Equity (a 501c3 based organization), opened its doors to the Greenville community in an effort to aid in serving all youth, but specfically the socioeconimically- disadvantantaged residing in Greenville County.  Located within Greenville's historic westside community, CEE has made a home away from home available for hundreds of young people looking for a way to change the path of their lives in a positive way!

Through CEE's unique blend of academics & fitness through various disciplines such as boxing, CEE programs have realized astonishing successes with its' students.  

For students who participate year-round in CEE's academic and fitness programs, we've seen amazing 100% graduation rate results as well as signficant improvements in GPA's and performance in those sports the students participate in. 

From elite tennis athletes to basketball, football and boxers, CEE has struck upon the right balance between academic enrichment programming & fitness!